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Coronavirus Update
Inspired by our grandmother, our family joined this industry 18 years ago. And Green Mountain's heritage stretches back even farther than that, hosting thousands of trips for hundreds of thousands of guests for almost five decades.
With you, our Green Mountain family, we've traveled near and far, creating a home on the road, filled with cherished friends and new experiences. Along the way, building a company beyond our dreams.
On every trip, you put your trust in us and we make a promise to you. We promise you more than a trip, we promise your safety and health to the very best of our ability.  Our first priority has been and always will be the well being of our guests and our staff. This means doing everything possible to ensure your safety, security and health on every trip, while delivering the joyful experience you deserve.
With the world turned upside down by the pandemic, many people's health, homes, livelihoods and future are in question. The CDC still recommends that seniors avoid crowds and unnecessary travel. Many of our destinations remain closed or at half capacity. The need for social distancing continues.
In the face of this ongoing uncertainty, no matter how hard we try, we cannot find a way forward that lets us keep our promise.
We are heartbroken to announce that we have made the agonizing decision to close Green Mountain Tours.
We tried everything to avoid this outcome, but the pandemic leaves us with no choice. We have made every possible effort to stand by our guests and our staff. We have completed refunds to every guest and we kept our team together as long as we could. We truly hope you understand we made this decision out of concern, respect and love for you and each member of our Green Mountain family.

Thank you for the friendship and kindness you've shown to us and the entire Green Mountain team. Thank you for the fun times on the road. Thank you for being part of the Green Mountain family.

This gratitude extends to each of our guests and every member of our team. The incredible Tour Directors, Trip Planners and Reservationists that made this company go. We are beyond grateful for their loyalty and incredible hard work during staggering difficulty. We are humbled by their dedication to us, and to you..
Together, our guests and our team, will always be the heart of Green Mountain.

This company has been our life's work. It has been our enormous privilege to serve the seniors of our community. It has been our great honor to work with each member of our team. No matter what the future brings, the family we built will always remain.

It is impossible to convey the depth of our gratitude to our guests and our staff. For now, with all our heart, we must simply say, thank you.
We are parting, but we don't believe in goodbyes. So, instead, we look forward to the time our paths will cross again. You will always be family. And for that, we will be forever grateful.
With our heartfelt gratitude and very best wishes,
Debbie, Andy and Brooke