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ALL ABOARD! Virtual Train Rides From Around The Globe

Train rides - steam, vintage, country coastal - are always a favorite trip. The gorgeous scenery rolling by, the thrilling feel of the rails, the old world feeling, train rides capture our imagination. Here are two articles that transport you directly to the rails, right from the comfort of home!

Take A Train Ride Right From Home!

Through the magic of technology, escape on a thrilling train ride! Train rides have a unique way of showcasing the landscape of a region, with natural wonders, colorful scenery, country towns, mountainside villages and so much more. And there is just something about boarding a train that brings us back to a time when traveling was more than getting from point a to point b. So sit back, relax and join us on these virtual trains that promise a beautiful look at the world, even as we stay home!

First, Travel & Leisure Magazine shares their favorite virtual train rides, with videos that will make you feel like you're riding the rails right from home! With thirteen different virtual rides, these videos feature railways stretching from Switzerland, Japan, Norway, Wales, Montenegro, Colorado and beyond. Where will you go? 

Next, jump into the pages of Rough Guides, the world's leading publisher of travel guides. In this article, the Rough Guides editors describe what they have deemed to be the world's most unforgettable train journeys. The photos are worth a thousand words, but the descriptions will transport you across the globe!

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